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The summer is officially over, which means that a lot of people got back from vacations. While different people like different types of vacations (some like travelling around while other prefer going to the beach), there is something everybody has in common - vacation photos. This article will help you organize your vacation photos the easy way.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 62 months ago in Software | +8 votes | 0 comments
Is your iPhone or Mac running out of disk space? If it is, the first thing you need to check for is duplicate photos. Duplicate photos get created with you none the wiser and can cause a lot of inconvenience. They waste valuable storage space, they make your photo library disorganized and they make it hard for you to find the photos you want when it comes to uploading them on Facebook. This article will teach you how to remove duplicate photos.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 63 months ago in Apple & Macs | +11 votes | 1 comments
Eleven2 Hosting is a company that specializes in everything related to Web hosting and the Cloud. Their services include: Web hosting - global Web hosting with flexible plans costing from $3.71 per month Reseller hosting - deals with plenty of storage and unlimited website hosting from $10.47 Cloud servers - storage, memory, and the choice of OS from $12.50 a month Domain names from $15 per year In addition to that, Eleven2 offers free website transfer if you migrate from another Web ho...
Published by Lizzie Donovan 63 months ago in Web Hosting & Domains | +4 votes | 1 comments
Macs have the reputation for working better than Windows-based computers. Nevertheless, they still need regular maintenance to keep them running fast and basic security to keep newly emerging Mac viruses at bay. MacKeeper is the program that acts as an all-in-one Mac care solution. It helps you keep your Mac secure, fast, free of junk and well maintained. It includes utilities that protect your Mac from online fraud, viruses and theft, help you manage your data in an effective way and encrypt yo...
Published by Lizzie Donovan 64 months ago in Apple & Macs | +10 votes | 1 comments
Eyeglasses is something that most people don't think of buying online. There seems to be too much involved in the glasses buying process, such as getting your eyes tested, getting quality lenses, trying on different frames, and making sure that the glasses match your prescription. With Zenni Optical you can do all that and for a very low price compared to traditional opticians. Zenni Optical is an online service that offers quality eyeglasses for very low prices. Here is what Zenni ha...
Published by Lizzie Donovan 64 months ago in Vision & Eye Health | +6 votes | 0 comments
When people try to find ways to make their computers work better and faster, they often overlook one important bit of PC maintenance - removal of duplicate files. Duplicate files are something that makes your file collections disorganized and wastes valuable hard drive space. Finding and deleting duplicate files is a must and here are top three reasons why.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 65 months ago in Computer Maintenance | +17 votes | 6 comments
Freelance writing is a great way to make some money online while improving your writing skills and writing about things you enjoy. Moreover, it's possible to earn a living doing freelance writing. There are several websites that offer payment for various articles - some of them pay more, some pay less. This article will list top 5 websites to earn money writing articles.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 65 months ago in Freelance Writing & Articles | +20 votes | 4 comments
Mac computers perform a lot better than their Windows-based competitors. They are faster, more reliable and more intuitive. However, even Macs can start experiencing problems with speed and performance. Usually that happens when Macs become cluttered. These top five programs will help you speed up Mac computers in no time.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 65 months ago in Apple & Macs | +15 votes | 1 comments
Are you looking for good quality, yet affordable mobile broadband and mobile phone plans, then Virgin Mobile is the way to go. Virgin is a company that offers lots of services, from air fares to mobile phones, home broadband, and even CDs. Founded by Richard Branson, Virgin is now a group of 400 companies that constantly strive to offer their customers the best service at the best price and deliver great products through innovation and creativity. Virgin Mobile is one of Virgin's division that ...
Published by Lizzie Donovan 65 months ago in | +5 votes | 1 comments
Everybody wants to keep their food fresh and tasty. That's why we put our food in the fridge. However, some foods should never be kept in the fridge because the cooler temperature either damages them or affects their taste. If you want to keep your food fresh and tasty, check out what you shouldn't store in the fridge. This article provides a list of foods that most people store in the fridge even though they shouldn't.
Published by Lizzie Donovan 66 months ago in Food & Cooking | +24 votes | 12 comments
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